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Michael Irwin

Michael Irwin

Coming from the octane-breathing towns in Southern California, Mike went to his first drag race as a youngster. Beautiful paint jobs, unique car names, and fuel car flames set Mike on a course to own and drive his own Funny Car.

Mike's racing experience started with a VW Beetle as a teenager. He was a constant sight at the bug-o-ramas and on the drag strip. As he grew older and his appetite for speed grew as well, Mike had the means to put together his own Funny Car. After spending time behind the wheels of other cars, Mike knew exactly what he wanted in a car. With the help of many respected friends in the racing community, Mike put together the Strange Behavior blown alcohol Funny Car and continues racing in the California Independent Funny Car Association (CIFCA).

With years of experience as an owner/driver, Mike is also driving for other owners in everything from dragsters to drag boats. Mike's experience, and familiarity with the community, keeps him in good company wherever he competes.

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