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Dan Cox Racing Alcohol Dragster

Friends for a long time, Dan Cox of Dan Cox Racing asked Mike to pilot his dragster at the NHRA Divisional Events. Always competitive, the alcohol dragster and its crew haunt the Pacific Northwest.

Body/Chassis 2004 Canode
290" Wheel Base
Engine 572" Merlin Stage III Block
.400 Raised Cam
10.200 Raised Deck
Enderle "Big Ugly" Injector Hat
14-71 Mert Littlefield Hi-Helix Blower
Sid Watermand Fuel Pump
Crower Racing Crank
Bill Miller Engineering Rods
Moroso Oil pump and pan
Ross Racing Pistons
Dart Pro 1 Heads
Crower Rocker Arms
Competition Cams
Donovan Gear Drive
MSD Ignition
Moroso Plug Wire
Castrol Oil
Hand Fabricated Valve Covers
RCD brackets, belts, and pulley
Running Gear Powerglide Precision Racing Transmission
Billet Pump
Straight Cut Gears
Billet Torque Converter
Mark Williams Final Drive

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